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Pilates helps you to:

  • Develop co-ordination and correct movement patterns
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve muscle tone and strength
  • Change your body shape
  • Create a stronger, healthier back
  • Improve sporting technique

Pregnant Pilates

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for the pregnant woman, it helps to;

  • Increase circulation to your growing baby rather than diverting blood from it like some other exercises
  • Relax the body and teaches breathing skills which will help during delivery
  • Strengthen the core muscles which can reduce your chance of lower back pain during pregnancy
  • Develops balance and co-ordination skills which can help as your bump gets bigger
  • If you are new to Pilates it is advised that you wait until the pregnancy is well established and start a course at 14 weeks plus

Contact the studio to find out when the next pregnancy course starts

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Matwork Pilates

Pilates matwork classes are taught at 3 levels;

Beginners & Improvers – for complete beginners and those wanting to refresh their skills or who are happy to work at a slower pace. If you are new to Pilates you will start in this class to learn the Pilates basic technique.

Intermediate – for people who have completed at least 2 beginners courses at the studio and/or are proficient in the Pilates basic technique and want to work at a faster pace.

Advanced – for people who have complete at least 2 intermediate matwork courses and want to progress their practice in a challenging class, please note that this class isn’t suitable for anyone with mobility issues.

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Studio 21 Yarm is proud to be leading the way in the UK with Pilatesstick classes, this new and innovative way to practice Pilates is fun, challenging and provides visible results.

Pilatesstick is a professional grade portable body sculpting system that allows you to do much of the work usually reserved for the Tower machine. It is an affordable alternative to machine classes.

Hugely popular in the USA, Studio 21 Yarm are proud to be the first UK studio to host Pilatesstick classes.

The Pilatesstick has many famous followers:

Megan Fox (actress)

"I did Pilatesstick to prepare for Transformers (movie) and I got much better results than lifting weights".

Dido (singer)

"I absolutely love my Pilatesstick, I can't wait to take it on tour".

Pilatesstick classes are delivered at intermediate level as it's essential that all users are grounded in basic pilates principles.

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